Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Selfish to Not Share Your Gifts With The World

One of my favorite blogs is Justine Musk's Tribal Writer and today she writes a post about why the pursuit of your dreams is a sacred obligation, that it's actually selfish not share them! Isn't that a refreshing point of view?

On that same note, a dear writer friend of mine died this week. Her name was Julie Cannon and she embodied a person who follows her dream and saw them as an obligation. I wrote a eulogy about Julie Cannon, and as one of my writing mentors has said to me, that's the hardest kind of writing there is. It was difficult, and I had several false starts, but writing about Julie's death and her life was so cathartic and gave me almost instant clarity about how I could begin to accept the unacceptable.

You might not have known Julie or her work, but if you've ever felt guilty for chasing your dream, I hope the story of Julie's writing  life will inspire you.

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